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I'm the creative behind DiVita Creative.

I’ll be brief because this shouldn’t be about me.  It should be about you and how I can help make your life a little easier. I have a diverse professional background that includes 10 years of information technology consulting for Fortune 500 companies.  I left the corporate world about 15 years ago to head down the entrepreneurial path with the hope of finding more balance with life and work.  I've owned a computer training franchise, a restaurant and worked as a freelance web designer and consultant.  So, I get it! I understand the passion as well as the highs and lows that go along with owning a small business.  

When working with me, you’ll have a partner who can draw from the many experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur and as a consultant with a strong technical background and a passion for creativity.



Life is better with coffee. (7).png

When women support each other

great things happen.

Small business owners are facing unprecedented challenges these days. Female entrepreneurs face even more and they are most likely juggling more hats than ever before. I'm continuously inspired by seeing women unite to fight for their rights, make changes in our society and support each other.

I do more than just build websites.  I support female business owners by creating a safe space where “crazy” ideas are encouraged and it’s ok to ask for help. 

(No "mansplaining" allowed!) 


Get inspired by some of our clients


Typically, designers will include a portfolio of their work on their website.  I’ll be happy to provide you with examples of my work if that’s important to you.  Actually, you’re looking at an example right now.  I chose not to include a portfolio because I want to stress that I build customized solutions that support your goals and fit your budget.  You won’t find one size fits all designs here or website templates we use over and over again.  

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