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DiVita Creative

Loosely translated from Italian to mean "creative life"


Hello, I'm Arielle 

I'm happiest when I'm "creating," and I admire people who see the world differently, challenge the status quo, and take risks. That's why I enjoy working with small business owners who are driven by their entrepreneurial spirit. Learning about your business, understanding your challenges and finding ways to help bring your vision to life is what I do best. I want to make your job easier so you can focus on doing what you love. Let me worry about the other stuff.

That's how I live a creative life.

divita creative logo (4).png

Just in case you were wondering ... My logo is based on the Sacral Chakra. Chakras are thought to provide subtle energy that aids in the optimal functioning of your organs, mind, and intellect. The Sacral Chakra is known as the center of creativity.  It is said to determine a person's dreams, desires, imagination and creative potential.


Tell me your story

Initially, I'm not interested in talking about how many pages you want on your site. Don't be alarmed. We'll come back to those details later. I am curious what your vision is for your business and brand.  What are your goals for this project? I want to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing.  What challenges are you facing? What's keeping you up at night?  Are you burdened with doing a lot of administrative work? What are your competitors up to? 

Business Meeting at a Cafe

We'll meet for a Discovery Session(s) to discuss and document your requirements. After I have a clear picture of your business and a solid grasp on your objectives, My team and I will be able to begin planning strategies and developing solutions for you.