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Why you need a strong online presence

Your business will benefit if you can reach your target audience. Consumers are tech-savvy and expect a lot from you. There are many benefits to having a strong online presence. ​

  • Customers will find you. Most people search online for products and services these days. You want to make it easy for consumers to find you. More importantly, you want your ideal customers to find you. A strong presence will help target your audience allowing them to find you when they are searching and in some cases even when they are not.

  • Raise your credibility and be seen as a legitimate business. Studies show that consumers judge your credibility based on your online presence or lack of a presence. Without having multiple online channels you might be dismissed by consumers and it could also negatively impact your search engine results.

  • Market your business 24/7. Consumers can learn about and engage with your business when it is convenient for them.

  • Control your marketing budget. All of the online platforms have analytics that tell what is working and what isn't so you can make informed decisions when developing marketing strategies.

  • Convert visitors into customers. Studies show that it takes multiple encounters with a business before a consumer buys a product or service. Therefore, having multiple online channels creates more opportunities for engagement with your potential customers.

  • Google will trust you. Google's search algorithms are complex and they take more than just your website into account when ranking search results.

  • Improve your customer experience and buyer journey. Over 60 percent of buyers' journeys begin online. With a strong presence, you can be available on multiple devices and engage with consumers at various points in the buying journey.


  • There is strength in multiple online channels. Your online presence should be comprehensive and cohesive. Each channel should support each other and will perform better in concert with others than they would individually.


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