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Tools for Small Businesses

By nature, most small business owners are hands-on DIY types that prefer to be involved in every aspect of their business, from deciding what type of coffee machine to buy to doing the company tax returns.  Being a jack-of-all-trades business owner is often necessary due to financial or other constraints.  Unless you’re very proficient with technology or are in the field, you’re likely to need some assistance.  Small business owners also face many marketing challenges, including lack of time and resources, budget constraints, or not having a comprehensive strategy or plan.  

As a consultant, I should convince you to buy my services for all of your technology and marketing needs.  However, as an entrepreneur, I understand the financial realities of owning a small business all too well.  So, I offer very affordable rates for my services, look for ways to save my clients money and recommend free or low-cost tools that everyone can use. 

Low cost or free tools recommend . . .


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